Networks & Data

EESI deliver networks and data infrastructure systems to suit your requirements. We can accommodate VoIP telephony and will work collaboratively with you to understand your data requirements and ensure you get a solution which supports your business and meets your needs.

We can install robust broadband or fibre internet to ensure optimal download speeds as well as designing effective internal Cat 5, Cat 5E or Cat 6 infrastructure for file transfer, printer/device sharing and VoIP.

We ensure the networks we install are easy to use and easy to maintain. By designing logically, taking into account future development, maintenance and efficiency, we create systems that are easy to use and simple to upgrade, maintain or repair. We design our networks with expandability in mind, meaning your system can grow with your business.

We understand that when it comes to your internet, files and data, nothing is more important than reliability. Most businesses now rely on their systems and data infrastructure for their day-to-day operations to continue. By designing systems with efficient cable management, engineers can identify and fix faults faster. Efficient cabling can also improve speeds and ensure the solution is easy to expand.