Building Refurbishment

Refurbishment of any building, whether it’s industrial, commercial, or heritage, presents challenges unique to that building. Often refurbishment is part of a repurposing project, turning an old shopfront into a restaurant for example, and requires innovative solutions to work around the buildings existing structure.

Industrial & Commercial
New industrial or commercial buildings will often require extensive refurbishment. Even if there isn’t a change of use, to tailor a building to your business will often require erection or demolition of partition walls, reflooring, installation of HVAC systems and other works. EESI can work with you to fully understand your requirements and ensure we create solutions that fit your business.

EESI’s specialist heritage team have decades of experience carrying out works on heritage properties. Retrofitting heritage properties with modern heating, plumbing, lighting and smart energy solutions can make a huge difference to the usability of these types of buildings. By undertaking a thorough property assessment before presenting a project outline, we ensure your property is getting the most effective systems with minimal disruption.