Cristie Software – Air Conditioning Case Study

Cristie Software are leading global software providers specialising in solutions for disaster recover and business continuity planning. They are a technical company focused on software development in industries such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing, public sector and financial.


Cristie Software’s server room is critical to the successful operation of their business. Their air conditioning unit for the room had become dated, with no backup system in place if the unit failed. With the imminent introduction of further servers and switches, EESI were asked to provide recommendations and quotations for a new air conditioning unit and backup system for the server room.


With EESI’s unparalleled knowledge and experience in installing and servicing air conditioning units for commercial properties, the project itself was straight forward. Understandably, Cristie Software had contacted a number of companies in order to compare quotes and solutions for the works required. The challenge for EESI, therefore, was to assure Cristie Software that we were the right choice for the project.


Constant communication with Cristie Software was key to securing the works. Phone calls, emails and site visits allowed us to explain our proposed solutions and answer any questions the client had.

It became clear that our competitors were suggesting oversized and more expensive solutions that were not necessary for the needs of the client. The original air conditioning unit, although older, was more than sufficient to act as the backup system, a suggestion that only EESI offered to Cristie Software. The new Toshiba rav806krt unit we recommended was a smaller unit than those suggested by the competitors but was ideal for the cooling requirements of the room, as well as being more efficient to run.

Our honest approach and competitive pricing made the choice of company a simple one for Cristie Software.


The original unit was serviced and the new system was installed by our installation team within a few days, much to the delight of Cristie Software.

Previously, the old unit had to be manually restarted after a power outage. This was rectified by EESI, programming the backup to automatically start up once power returns. This removed much of the worry that Cristie Software had been living with for quite a while.

Janet Blake, Director of Cristie Software and our point of contact throughout the works, could not have been more happy with the service they received from EESI:

“We were filled with confidence from the first conversations we had with EESI, right the way through to installation. All our questions were answered promptly, the installation was completed to an impeccable standard and the systems were explained to us thoroughly.

“We have other air conditioning units in the property and there is no doubt we will be using EESI for their servicing, as well as any other building services we may require in the future.

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