Indoor air quality is vital for businesses, building managers and employees since it affects the well being of office occupants. Air conditioners contribute largely to achieving a quality working environment and require a constant air flow to work correctly. The quality of the air we breathe, especially in indoor spaces such as offices can have a dramatic impact on the health, comfort and productivity of our daily lives.

Improving the quality of air circulation can increase concentration levels and brain function thus helping productivity. Ensuring that your office has a good air flow prevents the employees health being compromised.

Here are some simple steps you need to remember to ensure quality airflow in your office:

Source control

Source control means looking for the origin of potential pollution and taking steps to reduce it. This includes regular office maintenance that involves vacuuming and dusting since dust is a common contaminant. A quick dusting can greatly improve air quality in the office.

Check for ventilation blockages

Make sure all ventilation ducts are kept clear and circulation of air in an enclosed space is observed. Letting the fresh air in while allowing contaminated air out makes your office well ventilated that provides for a better air quality.

Check condition of ducts

When air ducts are damaged, they let the conditioned air to escape through holes and cracks. This will affect the quality and circulation of air when clogged with dust. Have a professional assess and correct the issue.

Check for fan problems

Grime covered blower motors prevent your air conditioner to move air effectively, make sure you clean them to maintain constant air circulation.

Change filters regularly

Ensure that your air conditioner’s filters are replaced every 6-12 months.Keeping the filters as clear as possible will help prevent the motor having to work extra hard to obtain a basic air flow.

Check for control issues

Regularly check the thermostat in case maintenance is required .

Check sizing of the unit

Oversized units can be inefficient and don’t provide consistent comfort, it might be advisable to ask an expert to check the unit and install a more appropriately sized one.

Have coils cleaned

A condenser coil covered with dirt and grime won’t do its job well, which is to get rid of the heat removed from the air by expelling it outside the building. This does not only impact the air floor indoor but could also lead to increased wear on the parts and even system failure. Keep the coil maintained regularly to prevent poor performance of the air conditioner.

Remove debris around the outdoor unit

Make sure your air conditioner’s condensing unit is not obstructed with any debris or leaves which can impair the circulation.

Use fresh air whenever possible

As long as weather permits, keep your windows and doors open to help circulate fresh air.

The main concern for most buildings is ensuring comfortable airflow for employees and visitors, but some facilities will need more specialised functionality from their air conditioning. If you are looking to update or install a new air conditioning system to have a better air quality in your office, EESI’s design team work to understand your requirements and create a solution that meets your brief in the most effective way possible.

EESI offers installation of mechanical and electrical building systems as well as offering a comprehensive facilities management service. We provide comprehensive servicing & maintenance packages for our own air conditioning system installations as well as existing systems. EESI also specialise in heating & HVAC, lighting, security, fire alarms, CCTV, and property and grounds maintenance. Email us at or call us on 01453 821 550 for more information.

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